3esi is an international company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada created to assist Exploration and Production (E&P) companies to maximize shareholder value by better understanding, managing, and optimizing the E&P Supply Chain.

The principals of 3esi have decades of experience in commercial software development for the process industry having been principals of Hyprotech and senior executives of AspenTech respectively.

3esi develops and markets an Oil and Gas Enterprise Software Solution aimed at managing the diverse portfolio of assets of Oil and Gas companies.

Optessa Inc. develops and markets world class optimization software. This software is able to truly optimize hundreds of variables.

Optessa offers the only software solution that can effectively optimize assembly planning, sequencing and scheduling across all of a manufacturer's product lines and constraints.

Optessa's customers include some of the largest, global brand manufacturing companies including Ford, Honda, Chrysler and Taiwan Semiconductor.

Octane sees significant opportunity in the Petroleum industry. Rig scheduling and upstream applications are two sectors where the technology will be applied in the future.

The NanoSteel Company develops and markets a patented portfolio of Super Hard Steel (SHS) alloys as wear, erosion and corrosion solutions for coating and overlay applications within oil sands, pipelines, oil and gas, mining & aggregates, power generation, offshore & marine and concrete & cement industries. SHS alloy solutions feature a nanoscale microstructure resulting in a unique high hardness/toughness combination that dramatically increases the service life of industrial components.

Additional NanoSteel alloy solutions are in development for use as sheet steel, steel plate and structural steel members within all major industrial markets ranging from automotive and ship building to construction and armor plate.

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